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Apart from savings in time and money, BSC will also provide qualitative improvement in the Rotterdam barge product as container shipping will become more attractive for shippers. Barge operators will for instance be able to offer more frequent departures from all seaport terminals when daily services are provided by a BSC. Such an improvement would promote the desired move of an increased part of the container flow towards inland shipping.

The study showed that a BSC concept should score well at the Port of Rotterdam when it comes to significant criteria and it is therefore one of the most promising solutions to the bundling issue.


The BSC is a neutral bundling solution for all barge operators and seaport terminals. Implementation is possible without requiring complex arrangements. There is a great need among barge operators for a neutral solution because it is expected of everyone in future to have an in-house solution available and when it comes to bundling cooperation with a competitor is not preferable. 


Barge operators can conclude contractual agreements with a BSC, which is currently lacking at seaport terminals at present. This is a clear improvement; when binding agreements are in place the sector will be able to monitor and promote the quality of the barge product.


Contrary to hinterland bundling limited extra operations are required for bundling small calls at a BSC in the Port of Rotterdam. Bundling is also cost effective as no detours are required.


A daily visit to a BSC also allows barge operators to offer a daily service to their customers at all port terminals. This substantial improvement in current frequency will also promote container lead times, which can even be halved in some cases.


A BSC allows barge operators to be flexible: barges can decide at the last minute to make use of it without having to undertake excessive planning.


Integration of a BSC concept can contribute to the success of other initiatives to improve traffic flow. If a barge service centre can participate in Nextlogic that will further contribute to optimisation.


A BSC is a robust solution that ties in well with current practice. The concept is tested it can be launched without investment, pilots or complex arrangements. No experiments, no surprises.

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